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She buckled all the straps including the two knee pads.Her final step was to raise the heavy pelvic band around her waist and fasten the belt.Meg had been wearing her braces full time in public for over a year now. She was forced to use her upper body to propel her legs using a swing through gait.

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She heard the familiar clicks of her knee and hip locks as they dropped into place. Of course she couldnt walk very well without her forearm crutches which were beside her bed.Meg was fascinated by this girls heavy braces and how she struggled just to walk. From that day on Meg dreamed about being like Lynn, having her legs encased in the metal bars and cuffs around her calves and thighs. She liked to watch Lynn walk and to see as far up her dress as she could. She could see the leather cuffs around her thighs and she always wondered about the locks at her knees and why she had those funny pads buckled across the front of her knees.She became friends with the girl and found out that she contracted polio from the vaccine she was given. Meg just knew that someday she would find a way to get her own braces. She shut it off and climbed out of bed and went into her bathroom. She spent the next 30 minutes shaving her legs and underarms and enjoying a lightly scented bath. She pulled on a pair of beige pantyhose and sat at her makeup mirror, combed her hair and applied her makeup.

She finished up, brushed her teeth and went back into her bedroom. She heard the beep of her coffee maker and went into her kitchen where she had a cup off coffee and a couple of pieces of toast.

After getting out and locking it, she made the slow walk to the store where she worked.