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11-Dec-2017 16:40

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They care nothing for the Russia probes, which they dismiss as part of the conspiracy against him by the liberal media and Washington establishment.They are fascinated by his exotic and glamorous family, straight out of the celebrity TV dramas that are their staple diet.

What is most striking about the Trump presidency is that it has achieved so little.It is no surprise to anybody that Trump gives hell to his enemies.What shocks his own party is that he is also unswerving in abusing politicians who are supposed to be his friends.The rich in Palm Beach, where the President runs an own-brand Versailles on his golf course at Mar-a-Lago, still defiantly describe Trump as a 'real gentleman', and hark back to their implacable loathing of Hillary Clinton to justify sustaining support for him.

I will hazard a speculation, that wherever the special prosecutor's investigation of Trump's Russian links winds up, he will escape impeachment unless he is seen to overstep the boundary into clinical insanity.

When he makes a speech with nothing outrageous in it, some greet this as evidence that he is growing into the job.