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In this episode of the satirical news show, Shaun Micallef and "reporters" report on Australian politics, the American election campaign, the Romanian election, the Aboriginal Intervention, an advance in cloning sheep and more.

Micallef was blessed interviews from a "reserve bank secretary" and a "veteran" from Iwo Jima.

Read More This program reports on the cancellation of the the Australian cricket tour to Pakistan, missing American teenagers, the new deadly sins, nuclear tests on Kangaroo Island and a policeman's bravery award.

The culling of kangaroos, the invasion of Iran and the amalgamation of the Liberal and National parties are discussed.

There are fake ads for Bunning's Warehouse's policy of beating competitors by 10%, Leni Reifenstahl screwing up a silent film and "Building Code Violations of the Third Reich" DVD.

A second season began on 27 February 2008 and concluded on 30 April 2008.This effect is usually caused by an episode being Something Completely Different or an Out-of-Genre Experience.If every episode is like this, a summary may mention that it's That Kind Of Show.If the show has a continuity, this episode will probably never be mentioned again, save perhaps as a throwaway joke, and none of the likely wild events will ever be repeated.

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Not to be confused with a Wham Episode, which completely changes the direction of a series.Rarely, though, a Bizarro Episode may be redeemed if a skillful or cunning writer uses it to construct an Innocuously Important Episode.

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