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Miss Ladele said: ‘Now I am just so relieved to be able to speak about what has happened to me, and the way I really feel.’ Born in London, Miss Ladele, who has never been married, was brought up in Nigeria by her devoutly Christian parents, who took her to church every week and sent her to a strict religious school.She admits her Christianity was tested when, at the age of 20, she gave birth to a son out of wedlock.I felt hurt that she wouldn’t take my point of view seriously.I think she was hoping I would change my mind by the time the ceremonies became a reality.’ In 2005, Miss Ladele took six months off work sick for a combination of health problems and stress, which she says was caused by an increasing workload and her deteriorating relationship with her manager.‘I was very upset because I’m not confrontational and I didn’t feel I deserved it.I ended up being off work for a month with stress and when I came back she was so aggressive that I made a formal complaint about her to the head of our department.‘At first it was subtle, but I noticed the tone of voice she used when speaking to me was harsher than the one she used for everyone else.‘Then one day I rang to tell her I’d be late because I had to go to the doctor.

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It ruled that the council had unfairly placed homosexual couples’ rights above her right to refuse to perform ceremonies that went against her religion.

Miss Ladele, along with most of her colleagues, attended their reception.